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GCSE English Tutoring

Are you concerned about your child’s GCSE English progress? Would you like them to be empowered in their essay writing and confident in their literary analysis? Perhaps your child has aspirations to get a place at a top university?

In this rapidly changing world, the traditional classroom is no longer the sole cornerstone of learning. The recent pandemic has widened educational gaps and we are finding that many students are struggling to keep pace in an already challenging environment.

Let me personally introduce you to the method used here at “English Excellence Tutoring”, which I have used to to guide hundreds of students in attaining a profound grasp of English in just a few months, so that they can secure top grades and access elite A-level courses.

Why is Online Tutoring so Effective?

English Excellence provides an online platform to engage with your child at a pace that will be most effective for them. With a combination of group sessions, one-to-one sessions and homework support, your child will get exactly the time and support they need to achieve the top English grade they are capable of achieving. The students benefit from a variety of the most up-to-date dynamic tools to undertake their learning, including Google Classroom, Virtual Whiteboard and a document visualiser for demonstrations.

There is no doubt that this is an investment into your child’s future, as this programme provides a comprehensive service to coach your child to achieve their desired results.

Three reasons why Online English Tutoring is effective:

Flexible & Convenient

Your child can delve into the richness of English literature from their favorite nook at home, negating travel. This not only preserves time but aligns seamlessly with your bustling family calendar.


Access to Expertise

Online English tutoring opens the door to global literary maestros. Your location becomes irrelevant as your child taps into world-class expertise, ensuring they get nothing but the best.


Engaging & Interactive

Our Virtual Tutoring Platform is brimming with dynamic tools, rendering English studies lively and captivating. Such interactive sessions fuel focus and zeal, propelling academic excellence.

How Does It Work?

Mastering English GCSE is not just about passing exams; it’s about equipping your child with the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and unlock a world of opportunities in higher education and beyond.

It is about implementing the right strategy:
  1. Decipher & Decode: This step delves into the depths of English literature, simplifying complex themes and language structures. As a result, students develop an intuitive understanding of literary texts, enabling them to effortlessly analyse and appreciate both classic and contemporary works, a skill that enhances their enjoyment and academic performance in English.
  2. Elevated Expression: Next, we hone essay-writing skills, teaching students to express their insights with clarity and sophistication, akin to an artist mastering their brushstrokes. This part of the process empowers your child to express their ideas with clarity and confidence, crucial for excelling in essay-based examinations and elevating their overall academic profile.
  3. Resilient Review: This stage of the programme implements a cyclic revision strategy, including periodic reviews, mock exams, and personalised feedback. This will solidify your child’s understanding, enhance exam stamina, and boost recall abilities, ensuring peak performance when it matters most as well as building a foundation of academic resilience.
  4. Futuristic Foundation: as an additional feature of the programme, this stage introduces advanced analytical skills and insights for A-level studies. This prepares students not only for their imminent exams, but for future academic challenges, smoothing their transition to higher levels of study and laying a solid foundation for university success.
The delivery method is key to the process:

The programme itself is delivered using both interactive, hybrid/group-based learning as well as bespoke one-to-one individualised approaches. Your child’s specific programme will all be clearly defined and agreed during your free consultation session (see below). The key objectives are to support your child through their English journey, providing consistent and supportive contact for both parents and the student. All work is individually assessed and fed back to the pupil, with all lessons and personalised materials accessible on Google Classroom.

How Do We Get Started?

Every child is different…

Your child may be grappling with Shakespeare, trying to get ready for an exam, or just cannot get to grips with their essay writing technique. Perhaps the issue is not any one thing, but you are worried about their progress across the entire subject. That is why we start the English Excellence Tutoring process by having a free online consultation.

Booking on a day and time to suit you, the initial consultation will take approximately half an hour, and should include parents. During the Zoom session, or telephone call if you prefer, we will put together a tailored learning plan, one which gives your child the confidence and techniques to achieve top grades.

Why not join my free GCSE revision group for parents and students’ where I post a weekly revision video to help with the exams!